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Students to participate in remote learning to participate in remote learning <p>​On April 12, the Ontario government announced that all schools in Ontario will move to remote learning following the Spring Break in order to suppress the spread of COVID-19. </p><p>As a result, all Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) students currently participating in in-person learning will now participate in remote learning until further notice. Students will receive and complete assigned coursework through the virtual learning platform established by their teacher (either Google Classroom or Desire2Learn [D2L]). Your child’s teacher will contact you beginning on Monday, April 19 to discuss next steps, including information on how to access technology, if required, for the purpose of remote learning. School programming is expected to be in full operation through remote learning by Wednesday, April 21. Please note that transportation services will not be available during the remote learning period.</p><p>Parents/guardians of students in special education classes will be contacted by their child’s teacher beginning on Monday, April 19 regarding programming and transportation arrangements. School programming is expected to be in full operation by Wednesday, April 21.</p><p>Students currently enrolled in the Learn@Home program will continue to attend class virtually. Learn@Home classes will resume on Monday, April 19.</p>For more information, visit <a href=""></a>.<br><div><br></div>
Student Census Happening this Week! Census Happening this Week! <p><strong>SCDSB Census</strong><br></p><p>At the SCDSB we are committed to identifying and removing barriers within our system that impact equity, achievement and well-being of students, and to ensuring that all students are offered supportive, inclusive and respectful learning environments. To support these efforts, we must learn more about our students. </p><p>The SCDSB is holding its first student census. This confidential SCDSB Student Census 2020-2021 will be used to collect identity-based student data so that systemic barriers can be identified. The results will guide our focus on programs, supports and resources to address inequities within our system. </p><p><strong>Instructions:</strong></p><p><ol><li><strong> click on student & staff email icon.</strong></li><li><strong>Log into your email account. </strong></li><li><strong></strong><strong>Locate email: 'Your student census'.  If you don't see it right away, use the search bar and type in "your student census"</strong></li><li><strong></strong><strong>Once they have accessed the survey, you must click the submit of the last page. </strong></li></ol></p><p><strong>Why is the SCDSB conducting a student census? </strong></p><p>Ontario school boards are required to conduct a student census, and under the Anti-Racism Act, 2017 and Ontario's Education Equity Action Plan, boards are to collect and report on the data they collect. The SCDSB Student Census 2020-2021 is a tool that will help to identify and address systemic barriers and will help guide decisions that support more equitable outcomes for all students.</p><p><strong>What is the census and what does it ask? </strong></p><p>The SCDSB Student Census 2020-2021 is a voluntary and confidential student survey that collects identity-based data to identify and address systemic barriers. </p><p>Key questions on the census include:</p><ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li>gender identity</li><li>sexual orientation</li><li>language(s) a student speaks</li><li>Indigenous identity</li><li>ethnicity, race</li><li>religion and disabilities</li></ul><p>Here is a quick video highlighting why the SCDSB is collecting this information. </p><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-embedcode ms-rte-embedil ms-rtestate-notify" unselectable="on"><iframe width="400" height="300" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0"></iframe> </div><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>
Literacy Test Test<p> Literacy TesT<br></p><p>Beginning March 23<sup>rd</sup>, 2021, students in Grades 10 and 11, and non-graduating Grade 12 students will have the opportunity to attempt the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) at Bear Creek Secondary School. If successful, this will count towards satisfying the literacy requirement for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).  </p><p>Please note that the literacy graduation requirement for all students graduating during the 2020–2021 school year has been waived. </p><p>Should a student who is learning from home within the hybrid system wish to participate in the OSSLT, the student must come into the school and write the test with their class cohort. In this manner, we are ensuring that cohorts are maintained, and that all necessary public health directives and school board health and safety measures continue to be implemented.</p><p>Even with safety measures in place, we recognize that not all families will feel comfortable with their student entering the building and attempting the OSSLT. Please know that we understand that this concern exists, and staff will work with students to ensure that they can complete the literacy requirement for the OSSD in the future. </p><p>Unlike past years, there will not be a dedicated day to the writing of the OSSLT. Instead, all students will be assigned a day to write the OSSLT between March 23<sup>rd</sup>, 2021 and April 9<sup>th</sup>, 2021. Please note that the normal daily school day schedule will be unaffected and will continue as normal.<br></p><p><strong>OSSLT Writing Day:</strong>    OSSLT Session A (8am – 10am)                                                            OSSLT Session B (10:45-12:45)                      <br></p><p>We believe that students, working with their teachers, parents/guardians and administrators, can be successful on the OSSLT. Additional information and materials about the OSSLT are posted on the EQAO web site at <a href=""></a>. <br></p><p>Please see the attached schedule for dates and locations. <br></p><p>​<a href="/Documents/OSSLTScheduleFinal.pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" />OSSLTScheduleFinal.pdf</a><br></p>
Course Selection Selection <p><strong>​LAST CALL-Course Selection  </strong><br></p><p>If you have not selected your courses for next year,  please remember to log into the student portal to complete your requests.  Instructions are below.<br></p><p>How to select courses instruction sheet:</p><p><a href=""></a><br></p><p><strong>Current Grade 9s</strong><br></p><p>Video:   <a href=""></a></p><p> List of Grade 10 courses to choose:</p><p><a href=""></a><br></p><p><strong>Current Grade 10s</strong><br></p><p>video: <a href=""></a><br></p><p>List of Grade 11 courses to choose:<br></p><p><a href=""></a><br></p><p><strong>Current Grade 11s</strong><br></p><p>Video: <a href=""></a><br></p><p>List of Grade 12 courses to choose:</p><p><a href=""></a><br></p>
TimeTable Change Change<p>​As quad 2 winds down, we would ask students to check their student portals to review their courses for quads 3 and 4 (formerly known as semester 2) If you require a timetable change, please fill out the google form link below.<br></p><p><a href="">Timetable Change</a><br></p>
Grade 8 Virtual Night 8 Virtual Night<p><a href="/departments/guidance/grade-8-virtual-night">Grade 8 Virtual Night Information</a></p><p><a href="">Grade 8 Night 2021</a><br></p>
Bear Creek's 20th Reunion May 2022 Creek's 20th Reunion May 2022<p>​</p>
New scholarship for graduating secondary students scholarship for graduating secondary students <div>The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) is has created a new scholarship for graduating secondary students. The Public Property Assessment Network Scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $1,000 to one recipient in the OPSBA Central East Region. Scholarship recipients are students of strong character, who care deeply for their communities and furthering their own learning.</div><div><br></div><div>Could this be you? Learn more about <a href="">eligibility and the application process</a>. <br></div><div><br></div><div>The deadline to apply is May 29, 2020. </div>
Kodiak Clothing Clothing<p>​</p><span style="font-size:12pt;color:black;"><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="background:none 0% 0% repeat scroll white;"></span></a></span>
Bear Creek New Online Clothing Store Creek New Online Clothing Store<p>​</p>