Welcome to Bear Creek Secondary School’s Wellness page.  This page is meant to provide parents, students, and teachers with helpful links, articles, etc. that may provide support for teenagers in areas of mental, emotional and psychological well-being.

We want to make Bear Creek a place where students can feel comfortable coming forth with their issues and we can support each student in the best possible way.

Upcoming Events: 

On Wednesday, October 1st there is going to be a SUSO (Speak Up, Speak Out) presentation of “How’s Your Day?” for all grade 9 students. The presentations will cover the topics of:
Stress/Anxiety Self-harm, Depression Abuse, Belonging/Fitting In Bullying, Teen Pregnancy, and Suicide
The Overall message from the performance is:

Creating a community of support for students where they can feel comfortable expressing their feelings, thoughts, and emotions about issues that many teens deal with on a regular basis.”
Students will leave the performance and debriefing session with resources to help them deal with difficult issues surrounding mental, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Useful Links:

 Bear Creek Youth Information Pamphlet

Kid’s Help Phone

ABC’s of Mental Health

Mind your Mind.ca

CMHA Youth Services – Summer programs

Season’s Centre for Grieving Children – www.grievingchildren.com

Simcoe County Suicide Awareness Council – www.scsac.info

Ten Trusted Mental Health Resources for Parents -  www.rbc.com/childrensmentalhealth

Empowering Parents -  www.empoweringparents.com

Start Talking (Mental Health Awareness Community Events) – www.starttalking.ca

Self-Injury Outreach and Support (SIOS)








The Pledge to End Bullying www.thepledgetoendbullying.ca